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  • About us

    The Patriotism and Progress Public Policy Foundation’s main goal is to meet some of the key social, economic and community challenges facing Hungary in the 21st century.


    On average, the Foundation prepares two comprehensive packages of policy recommendations each year, which examine a given topic while keeping both the international environment and domestic experience in mind. The recommendations for solutions are presented in an elaborated manner, readily implementable into governmental practice.


    During the course of its research, the Foundation uses standardized, strict methodology as a means to ensure that its policy recommendations analyze issues in an unbiased way. The drafted recommendations always take the social environment, as well as economic and environmental sustainability into consideration.


    In order to share thoughts and debate ideas, the Patriotism and Progress Public Policy Foundation organizes citizens’ discussion forums as well. Through these conferences and talks, the Foundation aims to give a chance for progressively thinking Hungarian citizens to openly discuss and exchange their views on common challenges.


    The analyses and recommendations are always made available to the public. The Foundation conducts all its activities, including its policy and community-organizing work, according to the strictest principles of transparency. This also holds true in the case of external partners as well as the leaders and staff of the Foundation.


    The Patriotism and Progress Public Policy Foundation cooperates with influential, progressive think tanks worldwide, whose intellectual and public policy activities are worthy examples for our own work. This cooperation extends to the exchange of both ideas and experts as a means to better understand our common problems and challenges.